Teaching Money Lessons Can Be Fun!

Who said financial education is supposed to be boring?

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Learn how teaching youth about money can be fun.

When it comes to teaching kids about money and important financial lessons, people tend to cringe.  We think back to when we had to sit through boring lectures that would put us to sleep about topics that we never thought would matter to us.   Now with the need for more financial literacy programs in the classroom, we need to use creative ways to teach students so they are engaged and not realize they are learning important lessons.   So how can you turn relatively boring lessons into something fun?

  • Use Multiple Types of Media:  Kids today are used to using technology, playing games on apps, watching videos, etc.  Combing these types of media with your lesson plan will help keep them engaged and give a different hands-on learning experience.
  • Use Humor:  There are many jokes, books, and even music videos that talk about money in a funny way.
  • Create a Character:  Kids like to be able to relate to someone or something that tells a story.  It could be a superhero or a talking pig that teaches the lesson.  This character will excite them about financial education in a unique way.
  • Involve them: Kids love to participate in learning.  So creating a way to have them be a part of the lesson will also help teach in an effective way.  This can be group activities or sharing personal stories or answers when completing the work.

Whatever method you choose to teach your lessons, finding creative ways to teach money to keep student’s attention will be important.  If you find something that works well, keep developing it and changing it up to stay fresh.